Interior Products

Ash Tray

ITW EF&C Ashtrays are developed according to installation, location and performance requirements.
In this way, the demand criteria and expectations of the automotive industry can be considered.

Key features :

  • Ergonomic operation
  • Various surface finishes 
  • Design of surface 
  • Opening and closing with decelerated movement
  • Integrated Push-Push closure
  • Removeable ashtray
  • Integrated ember extinguisher
  • Integrated cigarette holder
  • Integrated cigarette lighter
  • Illumination
  • Detailed chromium plating


Integrated Facia

Integration of Facias, Components and Fasteners
facilitates a quicker and simpler final assembly process.

Radio Bezel

Radio Covers are highly visible.
Ours provide crystal-clear lettering and permit perfect background lighting
of the keys.

Used technologies :

  • 3-component injection moulding
  • Printing & Laser Etching
  • Painting & InMould Foil Applications
  • In Mould Assembly

Center Consoles

What makes up a good vehicle?

It's the quality of all vehicle components which is essential.

Take advantage of  ITW EF&C products for the interior!

We develop high quality components for the vehicles of today and tomorrow with the objective to satisfy our customers on a long term basis.

Priority is always given to functionality, quality and design.

Used technologies :

  • High Gloss Painting
  • Bi-Color Painting
  • In Mold Decoration
  • Cubic Printing
  • Chrome Plating
  • In Mold Assembly


ITW EF&C Cup Holders enhance the customer´s perception of luxury. At the beginning of a development, all possible demands are considered to achieve a harmony in design and function with adjoining components. Often, the space constraints require additional performance characteristics, which can be optimized with the use of kinematic solutions.

Key features :

  • Ergonomic operation
  • Opening with decelerated movements
  • Integrated Push-Push system with damped opening / closing
  • Diverse kinematic functions
  • Various surface finishes
  • Illumination available

Panels & Facias

ITW EF&C Interior Components provide a high degree of comfort for driver and passengers.

We develop and produce our panels & facias always with focus on functionality, quality and design.

The usage of different innovative technologies and kinematic solutions always enables us to meet the customer requirements.

High quality surfaces (e.g. chrome, high gloss, bi-color painting etc.) complete the look and guarantee an attractive appearance of the vehicle interior.

Used technologies :

  • High Gloss Injection
  • High Gloss Painting
  • Bi-color Painting
  • In Mold Decoration
  • Cubic Printing
  • Chrome plating

Storage boxes

Key features :

  • Soft opening / Damped closing through silicon dampers  (Push-Push)    
  • Integrated kinematic components
  • Scratch Protection
  • Grained Surface
  • Various surface finishes