Overhead Components

Coat Hooks

Due to a clever clip technology  ITW EF&C Coat Hooks make possible an elimination of screws.

Our solutions can be assembled more efficiently and provide the same holding forces as screw-in variants.

Key Features :

  • Pre-Assembly to headliner
  • Hidden Fastening Solutions
  • Elimination of screws
  • Easy hand assembly through snap fit features
  • Design matching colors

Grab Handles

ITW EF&C roof handles are developed individually according to our customer's ideas and requirements.

Features and Advantages:

  • Elimination of screws (but high load bearing capacity)
  • Silicon damping
  • Various materials and surfaces
  • Solid and weight optimized handle body (GIT)
  • Variable design, integrated coat hooks optional
  • Quick and easy tool free pre-assembly through integrated fastening systems
  • Low insertion / High retention forces