Pipe Fasteners

ITW EF&C designs its pipe fasteners to improve passenger comfort by reducing the vibration and noise introduced into the car interior as a natural by-product of the car´s operation.

ITW EF&C components also are built to last, despite the toughest operating conditions. Hinged lid covers and complete brake pipe covers, for instance, mean that the pipes are protected and fastened safely even under extreme conditions, such as in off-road use and on loose surfaces. These features have  grown in importance with the popularity of sports utility vehicles and light trucks.  

Key Features :

  • Multi component technology (2- and 3 K )
  • Hinged lid covers for protection
  • Modular system on swivel pipe clips
  • Accommodates wide range of tube or pipe diameter

Advantages & Benefits :

  • Absorption of vibration through soft components or spring elements
  • Noise damping

Positioning and routing of pipes prevent damage from adjacent components